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How To Commission







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Step 1.

Figure out what you want and your price range.

Something personal or a gift for someone?
Think it over a bit.
OK, let's get started.

Step 2.

Email with your request.

Please include any image references or written descriptions you may have of the characters involved.
Providing me with free reign over your character is fine, strictly detailing every aspect is fine too.
We can discuss ideas as well.

Step 3.

Responses and Approvals

You'll receive a sketch, followed by any other stages as per required by your request.
Please mention any and all changes that you wish to see done to the image as early as possible.
Take your time with each revision, there is no rush. Please look the images over on a computer screen, phones are too tiny!

Step 4.

Final and Payment

Once finished, payment will be expected.
Payments are accepted via PayPal or Google Wallet.
You may post your drawing online at any time.


Things to keep in mind

- Want an update on your drawing? Simply email
- Any deadlines must be stated up front.
- Unless otherwise stated by you, any drawings done may be published online on official, you may opt-out if desired.
- I do not have control over publishing that may incur on unofficial galleries.
- Unless otherwise stated by you, a copy of your image will be re-sold in the yearly art pack, you may opt-out if desired.
- Unless otherwise stated by you, paid for images will not be resold as prints of any kind. This includes shirts, art shows, prints.
- Unless otherwise stated by you, you may not resell the image in any form or fashion.


Things to know

- Special orders are available, feel free to inquire about what you have in mind.
- No limits on what will and won't be drawn, extra charges may apply. Something you haven't seen from me before? Let's give it a try.
- Discounts are available at random times, feel free to ask about this month's special.
- Images print out great in humongous size, need something even bigger? Feel free to ask.
- The more characters the merrier.


Full Color


Character Sheets